Getting Started & Pricing

Step 1 – Attend a Free Intro Class

Just check out our schedule and let us know which class you’d like to attend.  We will make sure you’re greeted, shown around and given proper coaching and scaling for the workout.

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Once you have decided 3SIX0 Fitness is for you, it’s time to choose your membership.

Step 2 – Select a Membership

CrossFit Unlimited – $145/mo (+tax)


  • Open Gym
  • Unlimited CrossFit or Bootcamp classes
  • Unlimited Loaded classes (Weightlifting and Competition Training)

Unlimited Bootcamp – $135/mo (+tax)


  • Open Gym
  • Unlimited Bootcamp classes

Open Gym – $49.99/mo (+tax)

  • Group classes not included

Mixed Martial Arts  – (Program by Vancouver Elite Martial Arts)

  • Unlimited – $124.99/mo (+tax)
  • Single Discipline–Day a week – $84.99/mo (+tax) (choose one)
    • Kickboxing
    • Boxing
    • Jiu Jitsu
    • Wrestling
  • Kids Program – $65/mo (+tax)

If you have chosen a CrossFit or Loaded option and you are new to CrossFit, you will need to complete our “Basics” program.

Step 3 – CrossFit Basics Class

If you are new to CrossFit, you’ll need to go through our CrossFit Basics classes to make sure you’re properly trained on the common movements within CrossFit, as well as a way to help get you introduced to how our classes are run. The basics program generally consists of (3) one on one hour long sessions with a trainer.  The cost is $75 which is above and beyond the normal monthly charge.

*CrossFit Basics classes are offered at specific times during the week. Check the schedule for more details.

High School, Family, First Responder, Active Military and Senior Pricing available.  Programs and pricing can change, so it’s always best to contact us for up-to-date pricing and program details.