3SIX0 Kids

3SIX0 Kids 

Success in youth sports comes from skill work and knowledge of the game. Most kids work very hard to improve these two categories throughout the year.  However, strength and agility is a portion of training that historically has been overlooked.

3SIX0 Fitness (with CrossFit Salmon Creek) offers the solution to this problem in their 3SIX0 Kids Strength and agility program.  The program not only offers a fun way to get your child fit, it also helps them improve their strength, agility and ultimately their play in any sport.

The structure of 3SIX0 Kids is to teach mechanics of each movement introduced by our program.  Once the mechanics are dialed in, consistency will shortly follow and then and only then will intensity be implemented into the workouts.

3SIX0 Kids : Slightly increased movement complexity. Workouts will gradually increase by combining intensity and volume with proper and consistent form.

Gymnastics, weightlifting, metabolic conditioning are implemented into each workout.

We know we can help build a better athlete.  The first class is always free, so come in and try it out!  


We offer classes 3 days a week:


Monday and Wednesdays.

 4pm – 5pm (5-7 yrs)

5pm – 6pm (8-12 yrs)



9am to 10am (5-12 yrs)

Class pricing options:

$100 punch card / 10 classes

$69 per month unlimited classes.