Walking Lunge

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Workout: “Valentine’s Day Massacre”
800 Meter Run
Two Rounds
14x Burpees
14x Kettlebell Swings (35,26)(53,35)
14x Push-ups
14x Deadlifts (95,65)(135,95)
14x Pull-ups
14x Power Cleans (95,65)(135,95)
14x Box Jumps (24″,20″)
14x Push Press (95,65)(135,95)
14x AbMat Sit-ups
14x Kettlebell Snatches Alt. (35,26)(53,35)
14x Double Unders
14x Front Squats (95,65)(135,95)
14x Walking Lunges
14x Wall Balls (20,14)
Finish with 800 Meter Run

“Cupids Revenge”
Only One Round Instead of Two