CFSC Loaded

Powered by CrossFit Salmon Creek, SC Loaded is an exciting new program designed to take your strength, conditioning, gymnastics and mobility to the next level.

The SC Loaded program will train CFSC Athletes to perform at their highest level in daily wods, competitions or the CrossFit Open.

SC Loaded

  • Weightlifting (Tue 4-5:30pm, Thu 4-5:30pm)

Our Weightlifting classes focus on improving the proficiency in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.   Through a variety of dills, complexes, and strength work, we help our athletes perfect their movements.  Whether you are preparing for a competition or you just want to improve your technique, these classes are a valuable addition to any training program.


  • Competition Training (Saturday’s 6am to 8am) 

Comp Program – Wanting to up your game and become an athlete that trains to compete in the sport of CrossFit? Well we have a program for you!!

Introducing our new Competitors Program.  This is a 2 hour competitor’s class to help build athletes Strength, Athlete Mentality and psychological preparation, transitions, mobility, strategy, and most importantly teamwork.  Most competitions are team competitions these days, but we will still focus on the athletes that would like to tackle individual competitions too.  We will cover it all!  Classes will have scaled, RX and Elite level programing and all

levels are welcome to join.  We have designed this programing to help any competitive athlete perform their best.


See you in the gym!