CFSC Loaded

Powered by CrossFit Salmon Creek, SC Loaded is an exciting new program designed to take your strength, conditioning, gymnastics and mobility to the next level.

The SC Loaded program will train CFSC Athletes to perform at their highest level in daily wods, competitions or the CrossFit Open.

SC Loaded program starts by focusing on the two most important and technical lifts the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. Our aim is to help athletes create a relationship with the good’ol barbell that is pure, fluid and powerful. Training will then extend into mental preparation, positioning, power, coordination, balance, mobility and strength training.

Training sessions will incorporate skill transfer exercises, drills and technique training that will build strength and capacity for Bar Muscle ups, Ring Muscle ups, Pistols, Handstands and all the highly technical movements found in CrossFit.

The program will constantly change to meet growing needs of our athletes. The first 6 weeks of the program will have a strong emphasis on the CrossFit Open. You can expect barbell cycling, transitioning, rep schemes and the nightmare of revisiting previous Open workouts that might appear again.

Training takes place 4 times a week consisting (1) 60 minute session and (3) 90 minute training sessions.
Tuesday – 4pm to 5pm
Thursday – 7pm to 8:30pm
Saturday – 6am to 7:30am
Sunday – noon to 1:30pm


All other questions regarding times, technical details or program descriptions please see one of the coaches. For pricing and membership questions feel free to inquire at the front desk too. We are here to help and are extremely excited to help create a new kind of CFSC Athlete.

See you in the gym!